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What to Bring?

Cwtch Cabins & Camping
Firepit cooking

If you are bringing a tent to camp at cwtch:

  • Please bring everything that you would normally take camping

  • All cooking utensils, crockery, drinking vessels, washing up and food stuffs. We can provide a fire pit for cooking on but you need all of your pans etc.

For your cabin or shepherd hut

  • ALL bedding. Easiest is sleeping bags and pillows with slips. If you opt to bring your duvet please remember that you will need a bottom sheet!

  • Towels for all with you.

  • Board games or cards.

  • Torches, no street lights or other lighting at night and it gets properly dark if there is no moon!

  • Tea towels for drying up and washing up sponge/cloth

    • What we provide if you are hiring a cabin or shepherd hut:

    • All cooking, serving and eating/ drinking utensils.

    • Firepit for cooking on (lessons and recipes if required).

    • Fully prepared toilet shower block.

    • Local knowledge and friendliness.

    • Washing up bowl/ bucket

For you and yours

  • Clothes for every type of British weather. It can get chilly at night so have layers to add.

  • Bring wellies if you can or sturdy walking boots. We are really in the country have and very special clay mud in Herefordshire.

  • Acoustic music played quietly if not annoying others is fine so a guitar can be nice.

  • Sun protection (being 'positively' prepared). We are a south facing site and it can feel like the south of France on a hot day.

  • A sense of humour and adventure!

  • Food and drinks

  • Any medicines and personal cosmetic/ bathroom accessories

please don't bring...

  • Hairdryers or straighteners, there is no-where to plug them in, we are an off grid site.

  • Electric heaters, again, there is no-where to plug them in.

  • Any kind of chemical toilet. There is no-where to empty it. We have a compost loo on site and a 'normal' shower and loo block. Waste water goes to a treatment plant so no nasty chemicals please.​

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