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Our Ethos

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All Visitors

  • Respect your neighbours, remember that everyone here is staying for a different reason, keep your noise to a minimum and don’t play loud music at any time.  If your dogs are yapping then please help them settle.

  • Remember our passion for Silent Nights, keep your noise to a minimum after 10.00pm and whispers only after 11.00pm. If we ask you to settle down after that then please do – we are here to help everyone have a great stay and we believe in the power of a good night’s sleep!

  • Drive slowly on site, there are children and adults playing, daydreaming, thinking about their tea and not always aware of cars on site. Stopping on gravel is different to stopping on tarmac and you may well slide if you are going too fast, please slow down to 5mph and be aware of those around you.

  • Come and talk to us, we are here to help and want to ensure that your stay is as relaxing and wonderful as possible. If you have noisy neighbours or something has happened you feel we ought to know about then come and share, we are discreet when dealing with any issues on site

  • Please ask your children not to play too close to other people’s pitches, there are wide open spaces on site

  • No 'ifs' or 'buts', this applies to YOUR dog. Keep your dog on a SHORT lead on the site and make sure you pick up after them .We have many walks around us where your dog can run freely (assuming that you have some recall) but do be mindful of fields of livestock and keep your dog under control. Some people don't like dogs, don't let yours be a pest. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you continue to allow your dog to be loose on site. Dogs must not be left on site unaccompanied, in cars, tents, cabins or shepherd huts.

  • Recycling, we are a minimum waste site. We ask that you really try to adhere to our recycling, reduce, re-use policy whilst staying with us. We live by example and will explain all.


  • We welcome all sorts of them to the campsite, from gangs of friends, to families, to sometimes entire streets away on holiday together! We love to hear chatting around a fire at night or seeing enormous games of rounders happen on the field.  But sometimes, when you are in a group, it can be easy to disconnect from the other campers on site and not realise that you are disrupting other people’s holidays (or sleep!) Please be mindful and work as a team and with us to get the balance right

  • Don’t forget that we ask you to be quiet after 11 pm and before 7.30 am! If you want to arrive as a group and are planning to book more than 3 units (tents, cabins, campervans etc.) then we ask that you get in touch first.

Antagonistic, rude or unfriendly behaviour on site

  • Very occasionally we’ll get a troublesome group or visitor, we will always try and guide people towards fitting into the community and creating a harmonious atmosphere on site but there are clashes from time to time.   We understand that you are on holiday and want to help you have the best stay possible but our duty is to the campsite as a whole and we need to be firm and fair if there is any unwarranted disruption.

  • We reserve the right to refuse future bookings based on previous behaviour on site, rudeness to our staff or disregard for the community here at Cwtch Cabins & Camping.

  • We are very dedicated and will be ready to help if you are dissatisfied in any way, we ask that you work with us to resolve any issues – respect and understanding will be met with the same.

Thank you!

Spiritual Ball Firepit
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